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Or she won't, but then there is the opportunity to introduce yourself.I love a guy who pretends to have already met you; it is flattering and takes all the awkwardness out of meeting someone for the first time.If she actually looks like the person you are comparing her to, she will be flattered.If not, this pick up line serves as a good conversation starter.This one actually works regardless of the context in which it is used. It is so genuine and sweet that a girl can't help but blush when she hears it. Sometimes I actually like to throw guys off and use this one on them; it is the most universal pick up line out there. I love when a guy comes out of nowhere with a line like that.This guy is a no games kind of guy and just lays it all out there on the table.I am not usually a fan of the friend bit, however, when a guy does it in this way, it is mildly charming.Don't use a friend to hit on a girl for you, but calling out your friends shows me you are assertive and straightforward.

Being straightforward and offering the promise of alcohol means you have already guaranteed my attention.This guy skips the unbearable small talk and gets right to the important stuff.Of course, that is if she is actually drinking vodka sodas - if you see another drink in her hand, obviously offer that instead. If you can make me laugh you are already halfway there.Everyone loves a good laugh and that is what the funny guy is there for.

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