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They are called the Conservative Mennonite Churches of York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania.Another group located in the Ohio counties of Wayne, Medina, Columbiana and Richland have their origin in the Wisler Conferences of Ohio and Michigan (an Old Order Mennonite grouping).Conservative Mennonites along with Old Order Mennonites, and Amish hold to the basic tenets of Creation science including believing in a literal six-day creation.Conservative Mennonites uphold the following confessions of faith: The Schleitheim Confession of Faith (1527), adopted at Garden City, Missouri (commonly called the Garden City Confession), and the Nationwide churches also use The Hartville Restatement of the Christian Fundamentals (1964).They decided to launch out on their own." Beginning in late 1958 through 1960 a large number of individuals and congregations withdrew from various Mennonite Conferences, forming congregationally governed or independent Mennonite congregations.These later informally began what is called the Nationwide Fellowship Churches.They emerged mostly from the middle group between the Old Order Amish and Amish Mennonites. The largest group, the Conservative Mennonite Conference, was founded as the Conservative Amish Mennonite Conference in 1910 but dropped the word "Amish" in 1954.In the 1950 they were joined by conservative withdrawals from the mainstream Mennonites.

The more conservative groupings also operate their own private Christian day schools (operated by free will offerings) in preference to promoting homeschooling.This group bears the name Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church.Another group geographically centered in York and Adams counties in Pennsylvania withdrew later from the Lancaster Conference in the early 1970s under the direction of their bishop Richard Danner.In Ontario a group formed what is called the Conservative Mennonite Churches of Ontario or CMCO.These individuals and congregations felt that the mainstream Mennonite churches were no longer holding to the traditional and conservative values of the Anabaptist Mennonite tradition.

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