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Using this and similar studies as their basis, CF has championed the idea that you can get the same, or better, performance off of doing intense work like that done in the study.Lets use this as a way to look at why these claims are false.

Very hard interval training lets the body know it can handle high stress loads.

They first created their own new performance metric on which you’re judged.

Because being good at all the other methods of establishing performance isn’t good enough, so now you’re judged based on some criteria that crossfit develops. Additionally, they really go after this hard work/pain = improvement and results idea. But if you’ve been in the coaching business long enough you know that hard stupid work doesn’t get you anywhere.

In that different intensities and volumes will increase aerobic or anaerobic enzymes in each type of fibers along the spectrum.

What that means is that although high and low intensity might both hit similar aerobic enzymes, they do so in different ways and in different fiber types.

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