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Having survived for nearly 250 years, this is old-fashioned charm at its finest!

Inside you'll find original ceiling beams and all the wood paneling you could ever dream of.

In order to get your license back, you need to show your financial responsibility by filling a specific insurance form and you will also be tested for different driving tests.

An OWI license revocation will remain your driving record for 12 years.

If you are convicted for the OWI for the very first time, you might end up in jail for one year.

It's been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975, when it was restored as an authentic, primitive stone home.Operating while under the influence (OWI) does not only endanger you but it also negatively effects people around you.If you are caught for operating any vehicle while intoxicated, you can be charged with an OWI in the state of Iowa.Asking Price: ,000 Listing Agent: Joel Matson, Divine Realty, Seymour, CT; (203) 393-2912 More Information and Interior Photos: Divine Realty If you love fixer-uppers, you'll fall head-over-heels for this Queen Anne-style gem in Grandview, Texas.The description mentions a "gorgeous wood mantel, grand staircase & intricate woodwork in the parlor." We're holding our breath to see interior photos of this one!

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