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many of the predictions about the benefits of EHRs have yet to materialize to the extent predicted.Though EHRs have facilitated some substantial improvements—the ability for clinicians to access charts from any wired location, electronic transmission of prescriptions, and enhanced tracking of population health measures, to name just a few—they have also resulted in numerous unintended consequences.ADN degrees also tend to be less expensive than other nursing programs.With a little more schooling, a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) can be achieved.ADN programs are commonly found at community and/or technical colleges.

This popular program takes just 2 years to complete, making it a relatively quick route to your RN, and typically less expensive than other programs due to its short duration.

Luckily, there is no shortage of schools with nursing programs in Ohio.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting the average annual salary for a registered nurse in the state at ,800, gaining an education in the field is a smart move for those seeking gainful employment in the booming world of healthcare.

Many schools also offer an RN to BSN program for registered nurses that want to advance their careers.

There are roughly 45 schools throughout Ohio that offer some type of BSN program, giving students in the state a wealth of choices.

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