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On arrival we'll take an orientation tour of this fascinating city to view the House of Soviets, war memorial, monuments to Suvorov and Raevskyi, the Dramatic Theatre, Shevchenko University and Kirov Park.

After free time for lunch we'll continue to the Kvint Brandy Factory for a tour and tasting.

Moldova and Romania have emerged from behind the Iron Curtain as fascinating destinations in their own right.

We'll also visit the local food market and bazaar and Stephen the Great Park and Monument.

Cricova is the second largest wine cellar in the country and makes use of tunnels constructed in the building of Chisinau in the 15th century.

They've been producing wine here since the 1950's and have a number of wines that have won prestigious awards.

Stephen the Great was the Prince of Moldavia who reigned in the 15th century and gained popularity for successfully defending the country from the Hungarians, Polish and Ottoman Empire.

We'll join the locals promenading down the 'Avenue of the Classics of Moldovian Literature', which is lined with statues and busts of Romanian and Moldovan authors and social figures.

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