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In fact, this wasn’t the first time Mc Brayer was on hand to celebrate the 41-year-old star — he was also at the 2017 Emmy Awards, where Skarsgård shared a photo to Instagram of his pal posing with the award, as well as at the Golden Globes earlier this month.Back in 2012, Mc Brayer posed with Skarsgard while attending the The seemingly unlikely duo also starred in a collaboration with Funny Or Die, where they took a nine-day journey to the Arctic on a Greenpeace boat.Noticing how good a character Jack turned out to be in just two episodes, he has cast again as a breakthrough character by the producers. Online Jack and Triumph spoke about the show as being a relationship between a Muppet dog and Jack. Jack isn’t active on social networking platforms and hardly uses Twitter.

Many are wondering whether or not he has a girlfriend.But the adorable moment wasn’t just a circumstance of seating arrangements — Skarsgård brought longtime bestie Mc Brayer as his plus-one.Writer Jarett Wieselman pointed out on Twitter that the two are actually pals that go way back.Alexander Skarsgard is now an Emmy Award winner and his friends are having fun by posing with the trophy!The 41-year-old actor’s longtime friend Jack Mc Brayer joined him at the after parties following the and Alex posted a fun photo on his not-so-secret public Instagram account. While heading to the parties, Alex jokingly denied Jack entry into one of the venues they attended and both the photos and video are hilarious.

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