Dating shoes

As tempting as it is to make height a hard-and-fast requirement, doing so really sells yourself, and a lot of great guys…well, short.That's not to say that dating shorter men won't invite the occasional awkward moment.Even when you know the judgements of others should have no bearing on your relationship, it's not unreasonable to try and make accommodations to avoid the conversation altogether. The truth is, you can't answer this question in a broad and sweeping way. Tall means different things to different people, and some women are five inches taller than their companion while some are only one or two inches taller.You might decide that as a tall woman dating a shorter man, you won't wear heels. How you feel about your body in relation to your partner (and how that affects what you wear) is entirely personal.Interestingly enough, he could be wearing the best, most expensive shoes and the woman still wouldn’t like him. Simple: She isn’t feeling attracted to his personality and therefore looks at the rest of him in a negative light.However, when a woman does feel attracted to a guy’s personality and confidence, she then looks at the rest of him in a more positive light.Societal stereotypes dictate that in heterosexual romantic partnerships, a man should be bigger and taller than his female partner.

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As a tall woman, if you limit yourself to only dating taller men, you shrink your potential dating pool by about 80 percent or more.

Women place much less importance on a guy’s shoes if he is able to attract her in other ways.

For example: If a guy is confident, charismatic and interesting to talk to, a woman isn’t going to reject him because his shoes aren’t an expensive brand.

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