Potassium argon dating problems

Their motivation is obvious: all techniques consistently yield age estimates far older than the purported So where to start?I imagine that I will return to this topic some time in the future, as Ai G has published a number of articles and books that discuss radiometric dating methods (and the Potassium-Argon method in particular).Is there a grand conspiracy to hide the flaws, which are so simple to point out? Doolan first explains that the largest volcano is the youngest.This is true, but he does so in a way that would make you think scientists either doubted that young age, or figured they could use K-Ar dating to come up with a "final answer." (If you did not get this impression from the first paragraph, then my point here is invalid, but I'll continue nonetheless) First, Mr.In this sense, it is much like estimating the origin of a cannonball in flight, using a set of physical observations and the laws of gravity.Secondly, radiometric dating methods (K-Ar in particular) do not estimate the age of a rock, but the time at which a mineral in that rock was last near a given temperature (called the closing temperature).I remember reading similar reports years ago, which cited numerous cases of historical lava flows (note: historical meaning humans witnessed it) that were dated radiometrically to be a few hundred thousand to millions of years old.I was originally quite convinced by the discrepancy that radiometric dating methods were fundamentally flawed: "If radiometric dating methods are so wrong when the age is known, how can we trust them when the age is unknown?

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As you can imagine, the chaos of Earth systems can produce both scenarios, so geochronologists have developed techniques to verify (test) each assumption. Most people (geologists included) think of radiometric dating methods as a means to assign absolute ages to rocks/minerals.

Before I begin, there is one set of terms you should be able to distinguish: radiometric dating is a method of estimating the age of geological events using radioactive isotopes in minerals; radioactive dating occurs in the storage room at the nuclear power plant and has very little to do with geology.

Confusion of these terms is a sure sign of geological ignorance.

But whatever your passion for decaying metals and your level of chemical comprehension is now, I want to share my confidence that you can follow along just fine.

Anyone can learn technical jargon (queue Wikipedia page for Potassium Argon Dating); reading this post only requires a knack for scientific reasoning.

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